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    Personal data As part of its activity, collects personal data. essentially collects the actors's details, their resumes and voice demos. The processing of this data is necessary for our voice casting service, including sharing the actor's profiles with our customers via e-mails, social networks and on our website. Read more... 

    About my voice over actor demo

    As a voice over actor you know that voice castings are based on criteria related to the needs of the projects.

    What kind of projects are recorded ?

    These can include TV or Radio advertising, digital e-learning, video game dubbing, audio guide, tex- to–speech project, corporate video , etc.

    The registration form of allows you to send 3 different samples. Try to choose your best voice sector.

    The target language only works with native speakers, so the native language field is mandatory.

    The age of the voice over actor

    The age of the voice is not your real age but the age of the role that you can play as an brilliant interpreter. Many voice over actors play characters younger or older than they actually are.

    Thank you for filling in this field.

    Length and weight of the voice demo

    A casting director is busy, so the required length of a demo is 30 seconds. We can estimate if the actor meets the criteria of the project within 30 seconds.

    From a technical point of view, the length of the file determines its weight. The format accepted by is MP3. The standard compression for quality listening is 128 kbps at 44.1 KHZ.

    The maximum weight is 3 Mo.

    Don’t hesitate to use embeded the meta data in the MP3 (track name, artist’s name, etc.).

    MP3 File voice over actor

    Voice over talent and home studio

    We mainly work in a professional studio with actors, but some projects can be done remotely. If you own your home studio, check out the fields for the microphone, pre-amp and audio software (DAW).

    When recording remotely, we pay very close attention to your technical capabilities such as the acoustics of your home studio.

    Indeed, these elements are important for the post-production sound processing that we perform after your audio delivery. The quality of your audio file must be compatible with our QA.